Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tool #9!

1.  It is important to tie technology to the objective because it makes the lesson more engaging and lets students experience technology they may never have had the chance to use before.  However, it has to be aligned, otherwise it is used only for fun rather than getting them to master the objective.

2. They need to be help accountable because it is a privilege that we get this technology to use.  They need to know that if the equipment is used improperly, they will not be able to use it again.

3. Learning Games for Kids is a great interactive website for students who finish my work early and don't necessarily just want another worksheet to complete.  It rewards learning with more learning but in a very fun way.  TESiBoard will work well for students who were absent or maybe spacing out during the previous class, and need a way to reteach themselves.

4. Both TED and Skype can be used for stations during an interactive research project.  There can be someone on Skype for a group to interview, and there can be a TED talk at another station for students to take notes on.

5. Students can use iPod Touch/iPad to vote!!

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