Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tool #10!

1. I would make sure that they will use Flickr rather than Google images in order to protect copyright.  If they do need to borrow, they will know they have to cite sources.  Also, they will use internet etiquette for example, using correct grammar, not typing in all caps, and writing appropriate comments.

2. I will use Moving at the Speed of Creativity in order to teach students about being a good digital citizen.  I could do a jigsaw activity to have each of the students learn about one aspect and teach the class what they learned.

3. I will say that even though you are interacting behind a screen, the things you say and do are still affecting others in the same way as if you were saying or doing them in real life.  I would tell them to ask themselves, "would I say this to someone's face, or do this in front of others" before they comment or take action on the internet.

4.  At a parent night!!

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