Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tool #3!

YouTube is incredibly helpful for my content area, World Cultures, because people from all over the world are abel to post videos.  Because traveling to different places around the globe physically is not feasible, it is possible to bring these places to life in our classroom through videos.  seeing real life around the world through a lens is second to seeing it in person.  I will definitely be using YouTube a lot throughout the year.

Photos are also a great way to bring the world to life in my classroom. One of my goals for my students this year is to improve their critical thinking and writing skills.  I can use photos on Flickr from around the world to create a writing prompt and have them think critically about what might go on in another culture by looking at pictures.

I was not aware that most things on Google image search are not free for use.  Now I know where I can access images without breaking copyright laws.

I can use Dropbox by putting notes and classwork from the day up so that students who are absent will be able to access what they missed.  I could also put extra videos, current events articles, and other resources I think would be helpful to my students.

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