Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tool #2!

I was able to discover different blogs that would help develop my PLN.  As a new teacher, it is really important for me to spend time searching for different blogs and sites that will help be build up my network of resources.  It's important to use these blogs and sites interactively because you can generate new ideas with people from areas all over the country and world.

I want to work on sharing my thoughts publicly more, because I appreciate when other people share their thoughts and make them open to the online community.  Therefore, I will be sharing more of my knowledge in hopes that it will help people in my online community.

I have tried to stray away from using twitter because I don't want to be consumed by the online twitter community.  However through this tool, I have discovered that many teachers use twitter to post great ideas and thoughts that are very helpful to me.  I will definitely be using this site to improve my instruction in the classroom.

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